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Leptocoris vicinus

Leptocoris vicinus (Dallas 1852)

Leptocoris vicinus
L. vicinus adult with nymphs (bottom left corner) on Schleichera oleosa in Darwin, Australia.

Range: Philippines, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Oceania
Hosts: Cardiospermum halicacabum var. halicacabum (Balloon Vine or Heartseed), Koelreuteria elegans (Chinese Rain Tree), Pometia pinnata (Fijian Longan, Island Lychee, or Pacific Lychee), and Schleichera oleosa (Lac Tree)
Physical description: Dorsum completely red except for black membrane and blackish clavus (sometimes surrounding area as well) that forms a distinct 'v' shape around scutellum; pronotum may have black markings. Ventral side black with red margins around abdomen. Coxae and appendages are black.


Estimated L. vicinus distribution
L. vicinus has been found in Sri Lanka but the exact location of where it was collected is not known.

Red markers = locations of collection sites
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 1000 miles
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