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Boisea rubrolineata

Boisea rubrolineata (Barber 1956)

Boisea rubrolineata
B. rubrolineata adults on Acer negundo (boxelder) in Davis, California.

Range: Western United States and Southwest Canada
Hosts: Acer grandifolium (Bigleaf Maple), Acer negundo (Box Elder or Maple Ash), Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple, River Maple, or Soft Maple, Koelreuteria paniculata (Goldenrain Tree), and Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii (Western Soapberry)
Physical description: Identical to B. trivittata except the veins of the corium are prominent and red in color.
May resemble: B. trivittata (veins of the corium are not red)


B. rubrolineata has been found in Utah, Colorado, and British Columbia, but the exact locations of where it was collected are not known.

Red markers = locations of collection sites
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 500 miles
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