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Small but powerful, soapberry bugs are quickly adapting as humans alter the world. These beautiful insects artfully show how evolution happens every day and why it matters. Soapberry bugs are easy to understand, observe, and study (just ask the scientists who study them!). If you would like to learn more about evolution, coping with the changing biosphere, or just bugs, you've come to the right place.

Here at soapberrybug.org, we are collecting and integrating the world's information on all 65 species of soapberry bugs. We present this information in a variety of formats accessible to students, scientists, and anyone with interest.

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The three of us who coordinate this site rely on contributions from people like you from around the world. Our combined efforts provide a website full of things to discover.

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New Jadera comparison sheet available
Print-out and poster sized images of Jadera that you can download, print, and share. 

How to Raise Soapberry Bugs!
Easy to follow 'how to' guide. 

NSF bets big on David Angelini
Prestigious award helps bring soapberry ecology into the classroom to teach children the genetic underpinnings of life. 

Interactive J. haematoloma Host Range Maps
Click on the buttons to see what plants the red-shouldered bug reproduce on and where they occur. 

Boxelder Bugs swarming

How to Remove Box Elder Bugs.
Winter is coming..